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Thank you for your interest in Merlin Autogyros, I am pleased to present some information that describes the Autogyro and what it takes to build and fly it. Remember, the CAA requires that you have the Autogyro checked by an engineer when you build it in order to qualify for its license. Our Kits have been tailored to make this job much easier for you than any other Aircraft Kit.

After you buy your Merlin Autogyro Kit, the next thing to do is apply for membership of the "Popular Flying Association”.


The former factory in Ayrshire

The Popular Flying Association is an organisation that was formed to assist the amateur builder of a homebuilt Aircraft or Autogyro.They have some members specially appointed to inspect the construction of your Kit. A list of these inspectors is enclosed. You will be supplied with a Constructors Logbook that is signed by your Inspector at the various stages of completion of your project. These Inspectors are chosen and appointed by the PFA through their experience over many years of Autogyro construction and are willing to help with any advise you may require, (you will probably find your Inspector is the owner of an Autogyro himself). This work is voluntary but a small fee is usually charged to cover any paperwork or travelling expenses incurred.

Autogyros have been around for more than 50 years in various forms; there are thousands of them flying around the world today. We at Merlin Autogyros have been involved with the building and supplying of Autogyros here in the UK For more than 20 years and in that time have researched and developed many new innovations to the original design. If you have not seen them flying in your area it is probably because their owners usually avoid flying from Airports where Airplane traffic congestion is high. With your Autogyro you will find that unlike conventional Aircraft you are not restricted to using Airports and therefore you will not have the expense of landing fees or costly hangerage as you can take it home on a trailer and park it in the garage.


Merlin Autogyro in flight


Two seat Autogyro, this kit is now only available by special order - POA

You assemble your Autogyro from our new pre-drilled Kit. This new concept in Autogyro construction gives you the absolute best in Kit-build Aircraft. It includes factory-finished Offset Gimbal Head, a floor-type "Joystick" Control Systems, All Metal Tail Surfaces, the Merlin Kevlar reinforced pilot enclosure, All necessary Hardware, and much More... an entirely NEW concept of Kit construction especially tailored for YOU; No Blueprints. You are supplied with simple step-by-step fabrication and assembly instructions. All you need to supply is a few basic hand tools, paint and some time.  The thrill of flying free as a bird in your own low-cost Autogyro is now within your grasp.

Gary Layzell

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